The esteemed Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, known for his undaunted willingness to debate burning issues in Muslim society is now weighing in on whether the Little Mermaid, Ariel is to be considered a mermaid or what he calls a “fishtress.”

By kissing Prince Eric before marrying him – Tariq Ramadan believes Ariel to be a fishtress in a strict Sharia sense and not a proper mermaid. Fishtress is the halal term for maritime sluts and depraved sea creatures out of control. In the interview with Al Jazeera, Tariq Ramadan continues by stating: “I know a fishtress when I see one. I have defined the criteria for defining a fishtress by numerous occasions, recently in my book; (What I believe, Tariq Ramadan, Oxford University Press 2010, red.) In the eyes of the Prophet, Ariel is a fishtress… not a mermaid!”

Above right Tariq Ramadan, left Ariel soliciting.